141 Caribbean Choruses for praise and worship teams (2024)

141Caribbean Choruses

A song service in the Caribbean church is a special session where the entire congregation gets to participate in the worship service.Led out by one or more worship leaders and maybe a team of choristers, praise is lifted up in the form of songs.

141 Caribbean Choruses for praise and worship teams (1)

Depending on what mood is required or the type of service the song service precedes, the songs may range from solemn hymns to choruses that require you to stand and clap your hands in praise.The list is a mix ofpraise and worship songs,prayer choruses, and other lively choruses.

If you are looking for more general praise and worship songs, check out179 Praise and Worship Song List for Praise Teams in 2024

This article will be listing 110 of the most popular choruses used across countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Antigua, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, st. Kitts, St. Lucia, and Guyana, just to name a few.

So grab your tambourine or just clap your hands and prepare to lift your voices in praise.

  1. We Are together Again, Just Praising The Lord
  2. I feel good, good, good
  3. Something in my heart like a stream running down
  4. It soon be done
  5. Stand up and tell me if you love my Jesus
  6. Fire fire fire, fire fall on me
  7. You better get right with God, come and do it now.
  8. It's coming down down
  9. Fi me fi me fi me
  10. Send down the rain
  11. It's bubbling in my soul
  12. I want a revival in my soul
  13. The Holy Ghost power is moving just like a magnet
  14. What you think about Jesus? He alright
  15. Sign my name
  16. What a mighty God we serve
  17. I love that Man from Galilee
  18. This is the day that the Lord has made
  19. One by one
  20. I will not suffer
  21. Love is a flag
  22. I love him better every D- A-Y
  23. I see the lighthouse amen
  24. Jesus name so sweet
  25. Daniel saw the stone, Rolling down to Babylon
  26. If I were to go on a pilgrims journey
  27. It's raining all around me, I can feel it, it's the latter rain
  28. Send down the rain
  29. Clapping our hands we sing hallelujah
  30. He lifted me up from the miry clay
  31. Take a grip, take another grip hold on you never let go
  32. What a mighty God we serve
  33. He is the king of kings he is the Lord of lords
  34. I am aC H R I S T I A N
  35. I am wrapped up, tied up, tangled up in Jesus
  36. I love you, Jesus, deep down in my heart
  37. I am alright and I am upright and side by side with Jesus
  38. The Lord is blessing me right now
  39. Come and go with me to my father's house
  40. The things I used to do. I will do them no more
  41. I'm gonna sing sing sing
  42. I feel good good good,g
  43. Jesus is the winner man
  44. Sing praises unto God sing praises
  45. Which side are you leaning on I am leaning on the Lord side
  46. God is so good, how can I let Him down when He's so good to me?
  47. If you know The Lord is keeping you. What are you worried about
  48. Sign me up for the Christian jubilee
  49. Why worry when you can pray
  50. This little light of mine I'm gonna let it shine
  51. I am a promise
  52. Make a joyful noise unto the lord
  53. Three little wandering,wandering Jews
  54. Father Abraham
  55. Love comes trickling down
  56. This train is a holy train
  57. The preaching of the gospel, soon be over all over the world
  58. Leave Babylon
  59. I am going home on the morning train
  60. The Holy Ghost Power Is Moving Just Like A magnet
  61. Movin moving moving
  62. Take a grip, take another grip, hold on and never let go
  63. I'm gonna sit at the welcome table
  64. Doing well
  65. Siren. The man of Siren. My Jesus Carried the cross...
  66. If I had a little red box
  67. Thus little light of mine
  68. Every day Jesus is alright
  69. Rolling down to Jordan
  70. Real real real
  71. I'm gonna lay down my burdens, down by the riverside
  72. Oh let the fire fall on me
  73. Better days are coming
  74. Sweet Jesus what a wonder you are
  75. A little more oil in my lamp
  76. I've found a new life
  77. The blood prevails
  78. I'm gonna walk those streets of glory by and by
  79. John saw them coming
  80. Amen
  81. As I went down
  82. I am delivered
  83. I'm gonna sing sing sing
  84. Sing sing sing somebody's here
  85. The blood prevails
  86. Tell me who made the Angels sing
  87. God is not dead but he's alive
  88. I want to go to heaven and rest
  89. He never failed me yet
  90. I never get weary yet
  91. Deep and wide
  92. Born born born again
  93. Yuh gotta move
  94. Reeeeedeeeemed when my burden of sin was high
  95. I never get weary yet! Oh no
  96. I'm under da rock
  97. We are soldiers in the army - we got to fight but some will have to die- we gotta hold up the bloodstained banner we have to hold it up until we die.
  98. I am on the battlefield for my lord
  99. Closer than a brother my Jesus is to me
  100. Lift Jesus higher a little higher from this earth to eternity
  101. I am in the Lord's army
  102. Happy happy happy happy in the Lord, keeping gods commandments and trusting in his word
  103. Jesus is the rock on which I stand
  104. With Christ in the vessel
  105. I found a new life
  106. Roll Jordan Roll
  107. Fire fire Fire
  108. Daniels god surely will deliver
  109. Satan is a sly old fox
  110. Have you heard if the Advent Church of God how she is moving according to prophecy
  111. He's my rock my sword my shield he's the wheel in the middle of the wheel
  112. Jesus on the telephone tell him what u need right now
  113. Jesus on the main-line
  114. Some sweet day I'm going away
  115. I feel like a fire shut up in my bones
  116. We shall have a grand time up in heaven
  117. I've got the spirit in my hand and it's keeping me alive
  118. I know where I am going I know...
  119. The time to be happy is now
  120. This train is a holy train
  121. If I were to go on a pilgrim journey
  122. Sign name with a golden pen/Touch my finger on the golden pen
  123. We shall have a grand time
  124. Everywhere he went
  125. Love is a flag flown high
  126. Hear my cry oh lord attend onto my prayer
  127. Press along saints
  128. I feel like pressing
  129. Read ur bible pray everyday
  130. I am blessed I am blessed
  131. Satan u can't prevail
  132. Sing till the power of the Lord come down
  133. It's amazing what praises can do hallelujah
  134. Won't it be a time when we get over yonder
  135. My young companion fare thee well, I will not go with you to hell, I'm on my way to Canaan land I will not go, I will not go with you
  136. Soon and. Very soon we are going to see the king
  137. We are traveling (want to make heaven my home)
  138. Peter and John went to pray (walking and leaping and praising God)
  139. Jesus took my burdens and rolled them in the sea
  140. As I went down in the Valley to pray
  141. Halleluhalleluhalleluhallelujah, Praise ye the lord (Hallelujah I'm so glad to tell)

With these songs, you can visit Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados any other Caribbean island through the spirit of the musical tones as you worship in Spirit and in truth.

141 Caribbean Choruses for praise and worship teams (2024)
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