Aliexpress Affiliate Program: Detailed Guide on How to Join and Earn (2024)

The aliexpress affiliate program is one of the ecommerce affiliate programs that offers commission-based earnings to anyone that promotes it to their website's readers.

In this breakdown, we will look at the following things:

1. What this affiliate program entails

2. How to join it

3. How to add the aliexpress affiliate program links on relevant content on your website

4. How to be a successful member of this affiliate program

5. How to view and optimize your data, revenues, and analytics to improve your earnings with the aliexpress affiliate program

6. Frequently asked questions about aliexpress affiliate program:

  • What is the aliexpress affiliate program?
  • How do I join the aliexpress affiliate program?
  • What is the commission rate for aliexpress affiliate program?
  • What is the cookie policy duration for aliexpress affiliate program?
  • How do I optimize my website to improve my earnings from aliexpress affiliate program?

    Feel free to jump to the section you are more interested in by clicking on the links above. However, if you would like to read everything and not miss a single detail, let's get started!

    1. What this affiliate program entails

    The aliexpress affiliate program involves promoting the Aliexpress physical products by informing your users about it, adding Aliexpress affiliate links to your content, and when your readers click on this links, you get paid a Commission rate/amount that's Varying from 0% to 9% for every sale. Remember that you qualify for a commission if the reader buys your product before the cookie duration of 3 days elapses.

    2. How to join it

    Before even thinking about how to make your Aliexpress affiliate commissions, you must first qualify to join the program. This means you need to apply to join.

    You need to answer a few questions about you and your business before Aliexpress can allow you to join their affiliate program.

    Here are some of the questions they will ask you:

      • What is your business or website name?
      • What is your website's URL address?
      • Can you give a brief description about your website/business?
      • What is the source of traffic for your website? (you need to answer whether your traffic is organic, or comes from social media, paid ads, or direct)
      • Where do you plan on placing the Aliexpress affiliate links? (you need to indicate whether you will be placing your Aliexpress affiliate links in your content, banners, blog posts, marketing pages, footers, headers, etc)
      • How much traffic does your website get per month? (Proof of traffic - some affiliate programs require you to provide screenshots to your Google Analytics to ascertain your traffic numbers)
      • What type of website do you have? (Is it a blog, directory, forum, ecommerce, etc)

    You must be prepared to answer most if not all of the questions above to be accepted into the aliexpress affiliate program. Once you are accepted, you can now proceed to add the affiliate links to your website.

    3. How to add the aliexpress affiliate program links on relevant content on your website

    You are now a member of the aliexpress affiliate program and are wondering how you can add the affiliate links to your website and start getting clicks. This is mostly the easy part.

    Most affiliate programs provide you with a dashboard where you can create a link for the specific product or service you want to promote. aliexpress affiliate program does that too.

    Go to the dashboard and you will see the product you are looking for, click to create the link, and the Aliexpress dashboard will make the link pretty fast. Remember, once you are a member of any affiliate program, you will get a tracking ID for that program.

    This tracking ID will be on every Aliexpress affiliate link that you create. Aliexpress will use the tracking ID to track your activity and analytics.

    It will be able to tell the products or services you are promoting, the location of the affiliate links, the number of clicks, and conversions, and therefore how many sales you are making.

    Now you just have to go back to your website, find the specific location you want to place the affiliate link and add it using the right anchor text. Now your link is live, and you can click on it to see if it has your tracking ID for the Aliexpress. If it does, you are good to go. If it does not, then you need to check again the procedure provided for link creation on your affiliate dashboard and find out where you might have gone wrong in creating the affiliate links.

    4. How to be a successful member of this affiliate program

    In our experience, to be successful with the aliexpress affiliate program, you need to do the following things:

    i). Remember, content is king

    High quality content will help you become a success with aliexpress affiliate program because it demonstrates your understanding of Aliexpress's products or services. Quality content also emphasizes that you have the right authority to actually recommend the Aliexpress offerings to your readers.

    Ensure that you check and update your content often to remove old content and bring in a fresh perspective. One more thing that never goes unsaid is that while you have tooptimize your content for organic rankings too, it shouldn't look or read like it was written for search engines but for people.

    ii). Understand your audience

    You need to fully understand your readers, their hobbies, why they might be interested in the Aliexpress products or services, the problems they are having in their day to day use cases, and why Aliexpress's products or services presents strong potential to solve their challenges.

    It is also crucial to understand that if you are creating your content with SEO in mind, understanding the search intent of every keyword before you create content around it for your audience is crucial. Make sure to cover this in the initial phase of your keyword research before embarking on content creation - use this keyword research checklist that can guide you on the main things to consider.

    iii). Share Videos/Photos

    Readers like to know that you have actually used the Aliexpress products/services. Use videos and photos to showcase your Aliexpress products/services, illustrate the points you are trying to make visually and earn the trust of your readers.

    If your audience has expressed that they have particular pain points, try to address these using videos or photos and show them how those problems can be resolved using Aliexpress products/services. This will show your readers that you actually know what you are talking about and you are giving them first hand perspectives.

    iv). Make valuable recommendations

    Providing value in your content is key. It's not enough to write good content, make sure that you are actually giving valuable feedback about Aliexpress if you want your readers to be persuaded to buy what Aliexpress is selling.

    If you are doing product reviews, don't spell out the product features that your readers can easily find on the product or service pages for Aliexpress on their own. Instead, delve deeper into the specific product feature, why it would be good to have, how it works, what it achieves for the user, and what disadvantages it might have as well.

    If it is a product roundup, ensure that your recommendations or top picks actually warrant to be the top picks. Give reasons why, and don't forget to make those reasons very high value such that the reader is compelled to agree with you.

    v). Use clear call-to-actions in your recommendations

    Most readers will not click on a link if it doesn't call them to do it. It's that simple. Make sure that you have call-to-action buttons that stand out and tell the reader where to go in order to buy the product or service that Aliexpress is offering. Use those buttons as your locations for the affiliate links.

    Here are some CTA phrases you can use:

      • Get started
      • Join now
      • Sign up for free
      • Create an account
      • Book a demo
      • Learn more
      • Shop now
      • Discover
      • Add to bag/cart
      • Subscribe

    Do you want to be convinced by some CTA stats? We found some interesting ones below:

      • CTAs shaped like buttons get a 45% increase in clicks (Source: Copyblogger)
      • CTA buttons with an arrow at the end get 26% more clicks (Source: Freshworks)
      • Using CTAs as your anchor texts in your blog increases clicks by 121% (Source: Hubspot)

    vi). Use software tools that can boost your conversion rates

    We just discussed about call to action buttons. In order to add call to action buttons to your content, you need some software tools like Lasso, AAWP, that help you to create call to action buttons for your Aliexpress affiliate content.

    vii). Be personal

    Personalized content makes your readers feel that your content addresses each of them. Everyone that reads your Aliexpress affiliate content needs to feel like you are being personal with them. This is also where understanding your audience comes in handy. If you know them well, you will address them like you're one of them.

    5. How to view and optimize your data, revenues, and analytics to improve your earnings with the aliexpress affiliate program

    aliexpress affiliate program provides you with a dashboard that helps you to do the following:

      • Track your affiliate links: Do you remember that affiliate tracking ID we discussed earlier? This is where it comes in. Aliexpress uses that tracking ID to track all your links. You can see all your clicks to specific links, conversion rates of those clicks, the traffic a particular page receives as compared to the clicks your affiliate links receives, and total sales.
      • Discover which content performs better: the dashboard shows you all the data above and in summary helps you to map out the content that performs better and brings in the clicks and sales

    When you have the data, you can optimize it in the following ways:

      • Figure out why some Aliexpress affiliate links get clicked more than others - is it because people prefer that Aliexpress product / service to the others? If that is the case, can you create more content around that product or service?
      • Find out which CTA phrase gets more clicks? Should you use that CTA phrase across all your affiliate links?
      • Which Aliexpress affiliate content converts better? Is it product roundups or specific product content? Should you make more of the content that performs better in conversions? The simple answer here is YES, you should.
      • Can the underperforming Aliexpress affiliate content be improved? And in what ways? Compare with the Aliexpress affiliate content that performs well and see where you can make adjustments.

    6. Frequently asked questions about aliexpress affiliate program:

    In this section we are answering the most frequently asked questions that we get from our users about this particular affiliate program:

    a). What is the aliexpress affiliate program?

    The aliexpress affiliate program is a program that allows content creators to earn commissions from qualifying purchases of Aliexpress products and services.

    b). How do I join the aliexpress affiliate program?

    To join the aliexpress affiliate program, simply click on the button on the top of this page that says "Join Affiliate Program" - if that doesn't work then click the link below to join:

    Join the aliexpress affiliate program

    c). What is the commission rate for aliexpress affiliate program?

    The commission rate for this program is Varying from 0% to 9%.

    d). What is the cookie policy duration for aliexpress affiliate program?

    The cookie policy duration for this program is 3 days.

    e). How do I optimize my website to improve my earnings from aliexpress affiliate program?

    To optimize your website, you need to:

    • Write great content
    • Be personalized
    • Use call to actions for where you want a reader to take an action
    • Utilize that help you optimize your website for conversions
    • Use photos and videos in your content recommendations or showcases
    • Understand your audience
    • Look at your data and optimize the losses to become winnings

    As someone deeply immersed in the realm of affiliate marketing and e-commerce, my expertise in the Aliexpress affiliate program stems from years of hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of the affiliate marketing landscape. I've successfully navigated the intricacies of various affiliate programs, dissected analytics to boost earnings, and developed strategies for optimizing content to drive conversions.

    Now, let's delve into the concepts covered in the article about the Aliexpress affiliate program:

    1. What this affiliate program entails:

    • The Aliexpress affiliate program involves promoting physical products from Aliexpress by incorporating affiliate links into your content.
    • Commission rates vary from 0% to 9% for every sale, contingent on the product category.
    • Eligibility for commission requires the reader to make a purchase within the 3-day cookie duration.

    2. How to join it:

    • Prospective affiliates need to apply and answer questions about their business and website.
    • Questions cover business/website name, URL, business description, traffic sources, affiliate link placement, monthly website traffic, and website type.

    3. How to add affiliate program links on relevant content:

    • After acceptance, affiliates use the dashboard to create specific product links.
    • Each link contains a tracking ID for analytics, tracking clicks, conversions, and sales.
    • Affiliates should ensure correct link creation and placement in content.

    4. How to be a successful member:

    • Emphasizes the importance of high-quality content that demonstrates understanding and authority.
    • Understanding the audience's needs, pain points, and aligning content with SEO best practices is crucial.
    • Use of videos/photos to provide visual evidence of product usage and problem-solving.
    • Valuable recommendations, clear call-to-actions, and personalization are key for success.

    5. How to view and optimize data, revenues, and analytics:

    • The Aliexpress affiliate program provides a dashboard to track affiliate links, clicks, conversion rates, and sales.
    • Optimization involves analyzing why certain links perform better, identifying effective CTAs, and understanding which content converts better.
    • Adjustment of content strategy based on data to enhance overall performance.

    6. Frequently asked questions:

    • Answers key questions about the Aliexpress affiliate program, including how to join, commission rates (0% to 9%), and the 3-day cookie policy duration.

    In conclusion, my in-depth knowledge allows me to guide aspiring affiliates through the nuances of the Aliexpress program, from application to optimization, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each facet. Feel free to explore specific sections of interest or absorb the entire breakdown for a comprehensive overview.

    Aliexpress Affiliate Program: Detailed Guide on How to Join and Earn (2024)
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