Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (2024)

Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (1)

The Fennec 45 is a powerful SMG that can melt enemies from short to mid range in Warzone 2.0. Read on to learn more about the best Fennec 45 build to use in Battle Royale including a complete breakdown of the best secondaries, equipment loadouts, perks, and attachments to use with it.

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Best Fennec 45 Build

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Perk Package Attachment Setup

Best Fennec 45 Weapon & Equipment Loadout

Weapon Loadout
Primary Fennec 45
Secondary X13 Auto
Tactical Stun Grenade
Lethal Semtex

This weapon loadout for the Fennec 45 features the X13 Auto, a reliable and powerful secondary weapon capable of melting enemies from close range. Pull out the X13 Auto when you run out of bullets as this weapon finds value even against primary weapons.

When clearing out enemy players in buildings, make use of your tactical and lethal equipment before entering. These handy items are also effective in halting enemy players looking to push you once the final circle collapses.

Best Fennec 45 Perk Package

Warden Package
Base Perk 1 Double Time
Base Perk 2 Strong Arm
Bonus Perk Fast Hands
Ultimate Perk Overclock

The Warden Package is a solid choice for this Fennec 45 loadout as its perks are specialized for aggressive, run and gun playstyles. The Base Perk combo of Double Time and Strong Arm allows the player to move quickly for longer durations and maximize the function of their equipment.

Apart from simply moving around the map, it also helps to be able to swiftly use weapons and equipment which makes the Fast Hands perk the ideal Bonus Perk. The Ultimate Perk grants the player increased charge rates for field upgrades so bear in mind to deploy these whenever it is available.
Best Perks and Perk Packages

Best Fennec 45 Attachment Setup

Stock Agile Assault-7 StockRaise the Fennec 45 to Level 25
Barrel ZLR 16.5" Ignition BarrelRaise the Fennec 45 to Level 14
Rear Grip Fennec Rubber GripRaise the Fennec 45 to Level 21
Underbarrel Phase-3 GripRaise the Vaznev-9K to Level 9
Ammunition Fennec Mag 45Raise the Fennec 45 to Level 15

This run and gun attachment setup enhances damage, range, and accuracy for the Fennec 45. Base stats under mobility and handling are considerably high so these reductions will have little to no impact as far as gameplay goes.

The ZLR 16.5" Ignition Barrel and Phase-3 Grip underbarrel combo improves damage output as well as recoil for the Fennec 45. Given its high fire rate, it is essential to stabilize its recoil control for more smoother shots while maintaining its impressive time-to-kill.

Adding in the Fennec Mag 45 will allow the player to take on multiple players in a single combat scenario. On the other hand, the Fennec Rubber Grip and Agile Assault-7 Stock accounts for the overall movement speed in this build, allowing the player to constantly move around the map while taking on gunfights.

How to Play the Fennec 45

Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (2)Favor Close to Mid Range Gunfights

Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (3)Land in Sector 2 or 4

Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (4)Loot and Equip Armor Plates

Favor Close to Mid Range Gunfights

Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (5)
This Fennec 45 build is suited for close to mid range gunfights as its overall range and fire rate does not find much value in long range engagements. Although these stats have been improved with the current attachment setup, the open spaces of Al Mazrah makes it difficult for any SMG to find value in long range gunfights.

Land in Sector 2 or 4

Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (6)

The Fennec 45 is built for close range engagements given its quick time-to-kill and fire rate. The run and gun playstyle will find value in areas where tight spaces can be found such as Sector 2 or Sector 4. It is also recommended to land on top of buildings since loot can be generally found in these areas.

Loot and Equip Armor Plates

Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (7)

With this Fennec 45 build, you will find yourself constantly engaging in gunfights so it would be wise to loot and equip armor plates as much as possible. It is recommended to equip a 3-Plate Armor Vest as soon as you can to boost durability. These can either be bought from Buy Stations or picked up from the ground.

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Best Fennec 45 Build for Warzone 2.0 | Warzone 2.0|Game8 (2024)
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