Premier League Darts: Nathan Aspinall beats Michael Smith in Rotterdam final (2024)


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Sam Drury

  1. Goodnightpublished at 23:16 18 April

    23:16 18 April

    Premier League Darts: Nathan Aspinall beats Michael Smith in Rotterdam final (1)Image source, Getty Images

    That's all, folks!

    Nathan Aspinall gets the win, while Luke Humphries has moved to the top of the table after another brilliant night of darts in Rotterdam, in front of an extremely lively crowd.

    You can read Frank Keogh's report on all the action here.

    It's Liverpool next week, the race for the top four and a place at Finals Night is heating up. Join us again for that one!

  2. What's up next?published at 23:10 18 April

    23:10 18 April

    25 April, Liverpool

    Four rounds to go before play-off night, and it's off to Liverpool next Thursday...


    Luke Littler v Gerwyn Price

    Luke Humphries v Nathan Aspinall

    Peter Wright v Michael van Gerwen

    Michael Smith v Rob Cross

  3. Postpublished at 23:06 18 April

    23:06 18 April

    Result: Smith 4-6 Aspinall

    A slow start in the final probably cost Michael Smith and, as he said, it allowed Nathan Aspinall to control it.

    Smith had the marginally higher average, 96.16 to 95.55, and matched Aspinall's three 180s.

    The Asp edged it on 140s, though, nine to seven, so despite Bully Boy being more efficient on the doubles - 44.4% to Aspinall's 30%, it is the man from Stockport who gets the win.

  4. 'I controlled the final'published at 23:01 18 April

    23:01 18 April

    Result: Smith 4-6 Aspinall

    More from Nathan Aspinall, speaking to Sky Sports: "The first game was massive for me, Peter [Wright] was struggling really bad. It's not nice to see but you have to stamp on them.

    "Then against Luke, I got it back to 4-3 and I saw he wasn't happy, I had to capitalise and I did. In the final, I had nothing to lose because I shouldn't have been in the final really.

    "I've got a reputation of being behind, digging deep and winning games. My opponent might be 4-0 up but in my head I'm better so if you can win four legs, so can I. That was a big win against Luke Humphries tonight.

    "It was big. Me and Smithy are really good mates. We're going on holiday together next week so it might be a bit awkward.

    "I thought I played well and controlled the final. I didn't play amazing but if I'm playing well, not many can beat me."

  5. 'Most enjoyable Premier League'published at 22:59 18 April

    22:59 18 April

    Result: Smith 4-6 Aspinall

    Night 12 winner Nathan Aspinall, speaking to Sky Sports: "Massive win. The game against Luke Humphries was massive. It gave me a shot against Michael. But I've played in Rotterdam twice and won twice!

    "Last year I lost out on [the play-offs] on nightly wins. I think 26 could be a push to make it this year. It's fantastic, credit to the all the lads, it's been the most enjoyable Premier League I've been involved in.

    "We all get on. There is a lot of banter in the back room. It's a fantastic atmosphere. We all want to win but I think if you win this year, you've done well. It's tough."

  6. How the table standspublished at 22:56 18 April

    22:56 18 April

    Here is that result does to the table. It's looking good for Nathan Aspinall, he's up to third after his win.

    Luke Humphries tops the table on nightly wins, replacing Luke Littler at the summit.

    Premier League Darts: Nathan Aspinall beats Michael Smith in Rotterdam final (2)Image source, BBc

  7. Aspinall wins in Rotterdam!published at 22:48 18 April

    22:48 18 AprilBreaking

    Smith 4-6 Aspinall

    Nathan Aspinall has his second Premier League nightly win of the year!

    He made it hard for himself by missing four darts at double, allowing Michael Smith one dart to force a decider.

    But Bully Boy missed tops and The Asp returned to hit double four.

    Fitting that in the week that Stockport County clinched the League Two title, it's a man from Stockport taking home the trophy.

  8. Big fish for Smith!published at 22:47 18 April

    22:47 18 April

    Smith 4-5 Aspinall

    Throwing to stay in the final, the pressure is on... no matter, Michael Smith takes out 170 and makes it look easy!

    Brilliant from Bully Boy to hold throw and send it back to Nathan Aspinall.

  9. Aspinall closes in...published at 22:45 18 April

    22:45 18 April

    Smith 3-5 Aspinall

    Nathan Aspinall has been very efficient when he's had the darts and is so again.

    After 12 darts, he needs double eight. But even after missing three darts at double, Michael Smith is nowhere.

    Double four puts Aspinall one leg from a second nightly win.

  10. Smith clings onpublished at 22:44 18 April

    22:44 18 April

    Smith 3-4 Aspinall

    So close! Nathan Aspinall goes tops, tops but the second is just inside.

    He misses three darts at double on his next visit and Michael Smith makes him pay.

    Double nine is found and it is a vital hold for Bully Boy. Now he needs a break...

  11. Aspinall holds againpublished at 22:41 18 April

    22:41 18 April

    Smith 2-4 Aspinall

    Nathan Aspinall leaves himself tops and when Michael Smith is unable to take out 96, he gets his shot at it.

    It only takes one dart. A 13-dart hold for The Asp. This final is hotting up!

  12. Smith hits backpublished at 22:39 18 April

    22:39 18 April

    Smith 2-3 Aspinall

    Michael Smith is warming to his task and closes the gap again with a 14-dart hold.

  13. Aspinall holdspublished at 22:39 18 April

    22:39 18 April

    Smith 1-3 Aspinall

    Pressure dart for Nathan Aspinall early in this final.

    Michael Smith is lurking, needing just 50, but Aspinall takes out 72.

    His first dart at double 12 was a way off but he gathered himself and nailed it with his last dart.

  14. Smith on the boardpublished at 22:36 18 April

    22:36 18 April

    Smith 1-2 Aspinall

    A much better leg for Michael Smith, including his first maximum of the match, and that should settle him down.

    Nathan Aspinall is some way back when Bully Boy hits tops to hold throw.

  15. Aspinall holdspublished at 22:34 18 April

    22:34 18 April

    Smith 0-2 Aspinall

    This is some start for Nathan Aspinall.

    He goes 2-0 up with a solid hold, finished off with a double eight.

    The Asp has two 180s already in this final.

  16. Aspinall break to startpublished at 22:33 18 April

    22:33 18 April

    Smith 0-1 Aspinall

    Back under way and it's the perfect start for Nathan Aspinall.

    Michael Smith misses the bullseye for a 124 checkout and The Asp comes back to hit double 10 for the early break.

  17. Postpublished at 22:31 18 April

    22:31 18 April

    Smith 0-0 Aspinall

    They did start just before 22:30 BST but a delay - it's not entirely clear why - means they're probably now right back on schedule.

  18. Postpublished at 22:30 18 April

    22:30 18 April

    Smith 0-0 Aspinall

    Nathan Aspinall starts where he left off in the semi-final. A 180 on his first visit.

  19. Postpublished at 22:29 18 April

    22:29 18 April

    Michael Smith v Nathan Aspinall

    One final burst of Mr Brightside with feeling from the Rotterdam crowd as Nathan Aspinall makes his way to the oche.

    Someone must have unplugged one of those 27 miles worth of cable as during Michael Smith's walk-on, the TV images cut out.

    Sound was still coming through loud and clear but thankfully we have visuals again. That said, live texting darts exclusively from the thud of the darts hitting the board would have been interesting...

  20. How the table standspublished at 22:26 18 April

    22:26 18 April

    Michael Smith v Nathan Aspinall

    It's not just the final in play here - the winner will leave Rotterdam in the top four, with four rounds remaining before play-off night on 23 May.

    Premier League Darts: Nathan Aspinall beats Michael Smith in Rotterdam final (3)

Premier League Darts: Nathan Aspinall beats Michael Smith in Rotterdam final (2024)
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