Top 598 Reviews From Legit Serta Mattress Buyers (2024)

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ChrisFort Mill, SC

Reviewed April 30, 2024

We bought a 2022 Serta icomfort split king so it's coming up on 2 years. Let me tell you something, don't buy Serta stuff PERIOD. Years ago they used to make quality mattresses, but everything we've bought from them has these past 10 years has been utter garbage within 6 months to a year. I have back issues that flare up periodically. After going to a showroom with my wife and testing the I-comfort mattress we decided to splurge a bit and buy a more expensive memory foam mattress as we were tired of the typical biennial lifespan of mattresses we've had (most of them Serta). The previous one was so bad it was literally almost a taco with ruts.

Both of us consistently woke up with sore backs, etc. So we decided let's actually get a quality mattress. The split king has several options of firmness of the memory foam and we got the medium one. 2 years later we are ready to throw them out (except the frame). They are the most uncomfortable mattresses I've ever slept on. They are permanently rutted despite them being memory foam. 2 years that's IT!!!!!

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colleenSan Diego, CA


Reviewed April 20, 2024

This is the worst mattress ever. It was purchased in 2019. I wanted memory foam firm. As you can see from the photo this mattress is layers of foam the size of a 2 inch mattress pad pressed and glued. Not a one piece of solid foam as my previous mattress was. I now have neck and back issue. Cost almost 3 grand

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MayraDallas, TX

Claims Handling

Reviewed April 15, 2024

I brought a Serta Mattress. Within a month it had sunk over an inch. My claim was denied, even though the mattress allegedly has a 10 year warranty because according to the company, the mattress had to sink over 2 inches before they honor the warranty.

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AmakaCanton, GA

Reviewed April 13, 2024

Run for your life! The mattress went bad within a month, back pain, waist pain, shoulder pain and all. I hate the mattress. To process a return is a nightmare, they will make you take so many pictures and still find something wrong about the picture. They don’t intend to refund. Horrible experience.

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JenniferNorth Salt Lake, UT

Reviewed Jan. 2, 2024

We bought a king size Serta perfect sleeper mattress pillowtop. Worst mattress ever bought. It automatically feels like a mattress that is 20 years old. The sag in the middle is horrible. In the very first morning we were totally trapped in the middle of the bed it was sagging so badly. Never will I ever buy a Serta again.

JeroldPompano Beach, FL

Sales & Marketing

Reviewed Oct. 18, 2023

I bought the 2023 Serta icomfort -F40HD- split king. Their top of the line new line mattress. I bought the medium.. The mattress feels like you're sleeping on bricks with a blanket over them.. It is supposed to be a cooling mattress But it's not even. Under the pillows gets hot. There are three snowflakes on it and I think they're melting... Rooms to go made me keep it for 30 days. The worst 30 days sleep I have had in years. Some nights I had to sleep on the couch.. It is not memory foam as advertised. It is not cooling. Don't buy this new line. It is horrible. I wish I could get my old mattress back.. My 30 days is up tomorrow 10/19/2023 And I can't wait to get rid of this thing...

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RachelleJacksonville, FL

Reviewed Aug. 24, 2023

I hope everyone views this site. I purchased 2 Mattress's from QVC where Serta was the vendor one day. They had the mattress cut so you could see what the inside entailed.. What a bunch of baloney! Plus, they tell you you have a 10 year warranty,, Well my 2 didn't even make 1 1/2 years! So I phoned QVC, they didn't want to know anything, so they send all the info to Serta who in-turn, wants photos of everything!!! The base, the box spring I mean everything. Tags invoices and everything else but my first born child! Everyday it was can you send more pictures can you jump through this hoop and that hoop... Finally I told them the game was over, I knew what they were playing and I was done. Yep, they beat me down finally. All I can say is 2 things, never purchase a mattress from QVC and never waste your money on any Serta product! I'll toss these 2 crap items in the trash, a lesson well learned,,,,

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CandaceMckinney, TX

Reviewed July 3, 2023

I was told this was one of the best mattresses at the store and upon laying on it and even the first couple of months it seemed pretty good. After having this mattress for 1 year it's quite awful. A few months ago my husband and I noticed that the mattress sinks in and caves in while you're laying down. Not just a little body dent. Like if someone were in the middle they would roll down do you deep sinking. My husband is a skinny guy like not even 150lbs and I weigh more than him and we both leave equally large dents. We've had an increase in back pain, poor sleep, discomfort and sometimes resort to sleeping on the couch.

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LisaLittle Elm, TX

Verified purchase

Claims HandlingStaff

Reviewed Oct. 16, 2022

I purchased a Serta Cozy Escape Mattress in January 2022 and by June 2022 the mattress sunk into the middle once we laid on it. We are not obese people and this should NOT have happened. I tried to get the Serta Warranty Department to replace this mattress, and after charging me $45.00 to send a warranty representative, they denied my warranty claiming that the mattress sunk only 1/2" and not 1-1/2 inches. They did this by using a string along the mattress. Did not lay on the mattress nor did they allow us to lay on the mattress. I have not been able to sleep on that mattress and after trying to get it replaced, they denied me. I had to throw away the mattress and purchase a new one.

I will never purchase a Serta product again because they did not stand by me as a consumer. I am very disappointed in the warranty process. Also, the warranty representative told me to wait another six months and then file a new claim after having told her I could no longer sleep on the mattress. Do NOT purchase a Serta Cozy Escape Mattress.

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LaurenTaneytown, MD

Customer Service

Reviewed Sept. 6, 2022

Purchased a mattress set from QVC. Eight weeks later, I still didn't have my mattress. I had major issues with XPO delivery service which according to QVC was contracted by Serta. I work for a living and have limited availability for delivery. QVC sold this as "easy to call and schedule a time". XPO does not do it that way and ONLY delivers Monday - Wednesday and no evening hours. After two attempts to delivery at my non-specified time range, XPO "lost" my item for 10 days. To speak to someone at XPO, you have to be savvy to get around the automated line because when you enter your phone number, it connects you with your order. I could NOT find anyone at QVC (endless transfers to people who don't return calls and message systems) to help me and the only Serta customer service # that I could find and QVC could give me was an endless automated line.

I was looking forward to my purchase, but eventually had to cancel the order and get off the hamster wheel of this horrible experience. I would think if Serta is selling a product through a vendor they would provide a customer service # to help. Very disappointed all around with this experience. Serta was non-existent and QVC didn't care.

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Top 598 Reviews From Legit Serta Mattress Buyers (2024)
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