VR City - Compression Socks - 8 Vivid Colours (2024)

VR City - Compression Socks - 8 Vivid Colours (1)



A bright, colourful and cotton-rich unisex sock, designed for travel and daily use. It will help reduce fatigue, swelling and keep your legs feeling fresh with UK Class 1 graduated compression.

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Our VR City range has been created with a large variety of bright and vibrant as well as subtly classic colours. You could easily replace your old sock collection with a pair in every colour knowing that you will receive fantastic quality compression, keeping your legs in shape helping you feel more agile. Anti-wicking agents help with the socks ventilation making these perfect for daily use and travelling all the while soothing tired achy legs. A multi-functional sock for leisure, work or travel.


A full range of bright and vivid colours designed for busy city business professionals who may need to travel at a moments notice. Designed to reduce fatigue due to sitting at desk or standing for long periods of the working day.



Nicolas H


Fabulous all day sock

I wear these socks on a daily basis. 38 years old, fit and healthy - I find that my daily commute on the train (40 mins) and on foot (20 mins) each way feels much more comfortable wearing them. Great for recovery post gym sessions as well.


    Kristina P


    Will Buy Again!

    I purchased a pair of the VR City and will certainly buy more. They are contemporary looking (for those who mind that sort of thing) but ultimately are perfect in their function. They are a great fit and have had an immediate impact on my venous return related symptoms (aching, swelling etc). They've had such a positive effect that I keep them on as long as I can and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who has circulation related lower leg discomfort.


      David F


      Mr David Foulger

      I have bought two pairs of these socks and am very happy with them. Not only do they give good support, but are available in a variety of patterns and colours, (I wish there were more choices). They are now my regular sock wear.


        Andy H


        Just what the doctor ordered

        Had been advised to wear compression socks on a daily basis as I have a sedentary job. Comfortable after extended wear and certainly do the job of stopping my legs swelling.


          Mike G


          A delight!

          Following medical advice to wear "compression socks", various products at High Street stores were viewed but rejected. Google search produced Vital Active who have been superb in their advice, product and delivery. The 'City' range are comfortable, smart and a comfort to wear in giving necessary support without being obtrusive.


            Jeanette C


            VR City, comfortably the best

            Hospital has recommended that i wear compression socks. While waiting for a pair to be supplied I bought the VR City. These socks are so comfortable I'm coming back for more. Also impressed by the help given by the Vital Active staff, couldn't be bettered.


              Patricia W


              Very Pleased

              Found these really comfortable and was surprised what a difference they made at the end of the day. Will certainly consider for everyday wear.


                Andrew M


                VR City

                Product and service very good.


                  Michelle R


                  Great Comfortable Socks

                  The socks are some of the most comfortable compression socks I have worn! I actually want to get another few pairs.


                    Denise M


                    New Wearer of Support Socks

                    Comfortable, general purpose socks but I find them a little tight around the top after wearing them all day and they would benefit from a bit more support around the ankles.


                      Roger H


                      VR - City

                      I find these compression socks very comfortable to wear throughout the day. I initially wore them, following a day of heavy cycle training, to help improve my recovery; l felt the benefit immediately. I also walk between 2 to 4 miles as part of my daily commute and they have certainly improved my fatigue levels too. I certainly will be purchasing additional pairs over the forthcoming months so that l can wear them on a more frequent basis.


                        Jo W



                        I have a sedentary job. During the course of the day my ankles would swell quite badly so decided to try compression socks; they do exactly as described. At the end of a day there's very little swelling and a great reduction in fluid retention. A second pair.was purchased. Extremely pleased with the socks.

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                          VR City - Compression Socks - 8 Vivid Colours (2024)
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