What Does “POV” Mean on TikTok? Definition & Examples (2024)

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Learn what this popular term means on TikTok, according to Gen Z

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  • What does “POV” mean on TikTok?
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You may have seen the term “POV” floating around TikTok, but what exactly does it mean? “POV” is another way of saying “point of view,” and it refers to videos that show a specific situation from the viewer’s perspective. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this viral trend, including what it means and examples to inspire your own funny and relatable content.

"POV” Meaning

“POV” is an abbreviation for “point of view.” On TikTok, POV videos include funny, relatable, or specific situations that users are meant to watch from their own perspective. In writing and literature, the term “POV” refers to the perspective from which the story is told.

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What does “POV” mean on TikTok?

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  1. The abbreviation “POV” stands for “point of view.” On TikTok, creators often include “POV” in captions and on-video text when they want the viewer to watch a video from their own perspective. This format allows the audience to feel like they’re present in a specific situation, whether it’s going on a first date, getting a paycheck, or being late to class.[1]

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    Recreate a painfully relatable experience from real life. There are countless situations that we know all too well, and recreating them can help you connect with your audience. Think about a time when you felt stressed, overwhelmed, or just done with life, and record a video that reflects your experience. Chances are, other people will relate to you too and find the humor in the minor inconveniences in life.

    • POV: you just got yelled at by your boss
    • POV: realizing it’s November after dissociating the entire year
    • POV: reading cooking directions from the trash after throwing out the packaging
    • POV: you’re having a mental breakdown and no one is answering your FaceTime calls
    • POV: when you finally complete the task you’ve put off for weeks and it only takes 5 minutes
  2. 2

    Poke fun at yourself by highlighting your awkward behavior or bad habits. Trying to showcase your sense of humor? Hit your followers with a self-deprecating video to make everyone laugh out loud. It’s the perfect way for them to learn more about your personality and show the world that you don’t take yourself too seriously!

    • POV: debating whether I should go outside or rot in bed
    • POV: cutting people off the second they don’t agree with you
    • POV: me risking my entire future for an extra 5 minutes of sleep
    • POV: going on a shopping spree when I need to be saving money
    • POV: waiting for the right moment to ask your friends to send pictures from earlier
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    Come up with a unique prompt that showcases your humor or interests. Get creative with your POV video by referencing your favorite films, books, music, memes, or anything else you find interesting or hilarious. Even if your content is niche, you’ll probably find an audience on TikTok that understands and appreciates it.[2]

    • POV: you’re playing baseball with Edward Cullen’s family
    • POV: you’re an alien spy that’s acting as a human on Earth
    • POV: you’re a Victorian child who just tried sour Skittles for the first time
    • POV: you’re a child actor in 2004 and you’re recording the wand ID for Disney Channel
    • POV: you accidentally robbed a mob boss and you’re running away so you don’t get killed
  4. 4

    Reference a core memory from school or your childhood. Bringing up something nostalgic is one of the best ways to connect with people and boost your well-being.[3] Whether you grew up in the decade of NSYNC or One Direction, reflect on your favorite memories, then create a video that captures the essence of your childhood—it could revolve around a toy, TV show, or experience that you remember vividly.

    • POV: you’re lost on the first day of freshman year
    • POV: you’re playing Cooking Mama on the bus ride home
    • POV: it’s 2007 and you just walked out of theater for Ratatouille
    • POV: you think you’re home alone but your mom walks in on you singing karaoke
    • POV: you’re reading SparkNotes because you didn’t feel like finishing the chapter
  5. 5

    Tease your friend by making a parody video about their personality. Looking for a way to poke fun at someone you love? Call out your friend’s behavior in a lighthearted way by mimicking their actions or way of speaking, and tag them in the comment section with some playful emojis (😉, 😆, or 🥸). To make sure things don’t go too far, keep an eye on their response and be sure to offer an apology if you hurt someone’s feelings.[4]

    • POV: when your friend is being a pick me
    • POV: that one friend who can’t hear anything
    • POV: the friend who says “bro” before every sentence
    • POV: that friend who never understands what’s going on
    • POV: your friend when she says she’s “only 5 minutes away”
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“POV” Meaning in Writing & Literature

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  1. The term “POV” refers to who is narrating the story. It allows the reader to experience the events of the story through another person’s eyes, whether it’s from the perspective of a specific character or the narrator. There are 3 main types of point of view that the writer can employ to tell their story:[5]

    • First-person: The narrator is a character in the story and uses pronouns like “I,” “me/my,” “we,” “us,” or “our.”
    • Second-person: The reader is the main character of the story, so the author directly addresses them using “you.”
    • Third-person: The story is told by an external narrator, who uses pronouns like “he” or “she” to refer to characters.

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